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Integrity –
The answer is very simple! We keep up with the times! Flexible labor force is trending today. We are happy to stay with the trend!
We have repeatedly proved ourselves in the recruitment and placement arenas. Our ever-expanding databases related to medical practitioners, nurses, technicians, and allied healthcare professionals, display our success as excellent seekers of talent.
Think about it.
Your medical establishment requires healthcare professionals. Maybe, you even need specialists. Therefore, you place advertisements in print media. You talk about your needs on social media. However, nothing comes for free. You must pay for advertising. You must spend on resources. These resources include both, human, and technological. Above all, the whole process is time-consuming.
Healthcare professionals feel happy with us! They trust us to help them grow personally, and professionally! For instance, some would like jobs in certain areas only. We find vacancies for them.
Similarly, some would like assistance with obtaining additional certifications.

Who We Are?
Our Value?
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There are hundreds and hundreds of hospitals across the globe. However, we investigate, and approach only the highly reputed ones. We find our healthcare leaders in them!

Some of these hospitals are – Click Here

Healthcare institutions and patients (especially informed ones) trust only medical practitioners with legitimate licenses to practice. They expect consultants/specialists to have valid board certifications in hand.
Medic Talent has the same expectations.
Therefore, we keep track of medical boards across the globe. We note the processes for certifications. This helps us to guide healthcare professionals, who may need licensures. We provide them detailed instructions for applying.
C-Suite hunts for healthcare executives/leaders. They include –
  • Chief executive officer (CEO), the sole in-charge of the healthcare institution’s operations
  • Chief administrative officer (CAO) or chief operating officer (COO), who is responsible for appropriate execution of CEO’s orders
  • Chief information officer (CIO) or chief technology officer (CTO), the in-charge of technology infrastructure, and security of healthcare/patient data
  • Chief financial officer (CFO), who looks after financial or budgetary matters
  • Chief medical officer (CMO), who looks after everything connected with hospital care
  • Chief nursing officer (CNO), who looks after everything connected with nursing
Technologies (cloud platforms, electronic record systems, artificial intelligence, etc.) have become an integral part of healthcare. They help to organize humongous volumes of unstandardized and unintegrated data. They automate mundane tasks, thereby reducing manual labor.
Medic Talent grants equal importance to non-technical professionals too. They include – secretaries, front office workers, receptionists, patient service professionals, coordinators, managers, etc. Their unique life skills and soft skills, make them invaluable for the medical establishment.

Major Medical Hospitals
Major Medical Boards
Executive Leadership Hiring
Technical Leadership Hiring
Non-Technical Leaders Hiring

To us, at Medic Talent, GPs are the first rung on the ladder of medical treatment. They-
  • Help in early detection of a health condition
  • Offer timely advice, thereby preventing a crisis
  • Are excellent team members
  • Provide a solid back-up to consultants
  • Educate patients about health issues, hygiene, and healthcare
  • Provide referrals for specialist services
  • Make home visits, if necessary
  • Offer community services
Are you a teaching hospital? Do you undertake residency training?
If yes, you might be advertising for ‘resident’ positions. You are bound to receive plenty of replies. You may become confused about the authenticities of various applicants. Therefore, let Medic Talent handle the hiring process.
No healthcare institution can do without nursing leaders. Medic Talent realizes this fact.
Therefore, we have a large database for the nursing category alone.
A nurse leader is –
  • A specialist in a particular medical domain
  • In charge of a team of registered nurses (RNs) and nursing managers
  • Someone, who is focused on patient safety
  • Someone, who believes that every patient should receive quality healthcare
  • A mediator between the patient and the multi-disciplinary team

Our nurse leaders come from globally-renowned medical/nursing medical colleges.
Some of them are – Click Here

Our nurse leaders come from globally-renowned medical/nursing medical colleges.
Some of them are –
  • University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • John Hopkins University, USA
  • University of Rochester, USA
  • University of Southampton, UK
  • Karolinska Institute, Sweden
  • Trinity College, Dublin
  • University of Turku, Finland
  • University of Queensland, Australia

General Practitioners
Nurses Leadership Hiring

A specialist nurse is well qualified, uniquely trained, and highly skilled. Male or female, a specialist nurse is a leader. This individual leads by example.
Numerous arenas of medical care require dedicated specialist nurses. To name just a few – trauma, burns, emergency, occupational health, Ob-Gyn, CCU, ICU, cancer, etc. Medic Talent can supply you with an entire team of specialist nurses for every category. Your patients will receive passionate care, useful education, and requisite support
You may be a clinic, a big hospital, a hospice, a nursing home, a mental health institution, a rehabilitation center, etc. You need general nurse practitioners. Less experienced than specialist nurses, they are nevertheless highly dedicated and intelligent.
You need not worry about anyone’s background. We have stringent checking measures in place. Additionally, we reach out to top candidates only. They are graduates/post-graduates from the best international colleges.
Faultless testing and accurate results are vital to provision of quality healthcare. In other words, medical technicians are vital to medical establishments. Knowing this, we supply only the best to you!
What do we look for, when inviting a medical technician to join us?

Specialist Nursing Hiring
General Nursing Hiring
Medical Technicians

Technology plays a huge role in the medical domain. Doctor-patient consultations are possible via electronic gadgets. Geographical locations do not matter. This is telemedicine, or healing from a distance. Tele refers to distance in Greek. Mederi refers to healing in Latin.
You could be anything - a major/minor hospital, a community health center, a government and military facility, a correctional facility, an outpatient medical center, or a group practice, and so on. Engagement with locum tenens physicians is a value-add on that you simply cannot ignore!
Natural disasters, unexpected healthcare emergencies, etc., arrive without warning. Your permanent workforce cannot cope with the large inflow of patients, especially those requiring specialized/critical care. Request Medic Talent to provide you with consultants. They will assist your permanent staff for as long as it is necessary. Short-term contracts involve working in any shift.
Medic Talent maintains a database of locally-renowned and globally well-known consultants, under the category of visiting specialists. All that you must do is to let us know is when, and why, you need them.

Short-term Engagement
Visiting Specialist

Every country has its own Ministry of Health.
Its functions are – formulating the regulations of legal healthcare practice, awarding requisite licensures, and conducting assessments of migrating medical professionals. The most important assessment is the Prometric exam.
Not all healthcare professionals can appear for prometric exams. The organization has an eligibility criterion in place. You must fulfill various criteria. The DataFlow Group handles this aspect.
  • It connects with diverse healthcare agencies.
  • It links up with institutions that handle licensure exams.
  • PSV (primary source verification) is another function.
  • DataFlow goes through the applicant’s details thoroughly.
  • The portal also conducts background screenings.
  • Finally, it handles immigration compliance.
  • First, we provide guidance regarding accessing the portal.
  • Then, we examine the requested documents.
  • Every document must have an attestation on it. A legitimate authority figure must sign and stamp it.
  • DataFlow goes through the applicant’s details thoroughly.
  • The next step is scanning the documents.
  • The final step is to upload the scanned documents onto the portal.

Examination Coaching & Training
DataFlow has several functions.
How will we, at Medic Talent help you?

Medical tourism is not new concept for India. It has been in evidence for 10+ years.
  • Several hospitals offer world-class medical facilities.
  • We offer marvelous critical care.
  • Patients can come for short-term or long-term stay.
  • They can avail diverse types of accommodation easily.
  • Agents arrange for excellent travel and transportation facilities.
  • We have knowledgeable and skilled medical specialists.
  • Treatment pricing is one of the most competitive in the world.
  • Holistic healing is a popular concept in India
  • The Indian Government gives healthy support to medical tourism.

Medical Tourism in India

It is renowned for several medical breakthroughs. One is the first face transplant. Another is coronary artery bypass surgery.
It is the birthplace of modern American medicine and the launching of several medical traditions (hospital rounds, having in-house staff, etc.).
It treats, and engages in research on catastrophic diseases occurring in children of all ages.
Based in Taiwan, it is a magnificent teaching hospital and medical center. It offers educational services, tertiary patient care, and residency programs.
Based at Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, it specializes in genetic diseases, oncology, cardiovascular illnesses, organ transplantation, and neurosciences.
It is a top-class research center, investigating all kinds of diseases. There are several research units, including one for cancer.
The Ministry of Health supervises it, since it is a branch of the Federal Government. The focus is on research, education, disseminating of information, epidemiological surveillance, treatment, prevention, and control of different types of cancer.

Cleveland Clinic
John Hopkins Medicine
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Taipei Veterans General Hospital
King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center
Vu Medical Center, Amsterdam
INCA Instituto Nacional de Cancer, Brazil

As The Term Indicates,

Only Special People Can Engage In Special Work!

They are the locums, critical service doctors, visiting faculty, and telemedicine experts. They are extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled. They handle both, common, and rare, health conditions in a manner that ordinary doctors can never do. Specialists are a class apart!

The SWE database at Medic Talent is a large one. We keep updating it regularly. Therefore, any major hospital in the world is welcome to approach us. Your geographical location does not matter. We are there for you!