Medic Talent is a specialized headhunting and executive search company. It's entire focus is on the healthcare arena only. We help you employ skilled healthcare professionals or entire medical terms, as and when you require.

A - Introduction
1What is Medic Talent?

Medic Talent is a specialized headhunting and executive search company. Its entire focus is on the healthcare arena only.

We help you employ skilled healthcare professionals or entire medical teams, as and when you require.

Medic Talent delivers mandate via provision of the best in the healthcare provision.

We aim to help you save on time, effort, and money.

We work with hospitals, clinics, medical centers, home healthcare, hospices, rehabilitation facilities, ambulatory services, school districts, etc.

We are not keen to make healthcare a business at all! Instead, we are passionate about ensuring safe and quality healthcare for all, at affordable costs.

Our services are value-driven, not profit-driven.

We function in alignment with three major values.

Integrity – All our dealings are honest and transparent. We take our responsibilities seriously. Therefore, we do not shy away from taking accountability for our actions.

Commitment – Whenever we make a promise, we keep it. We believe in fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with every client who approaches us for assistance.

Speedy Service – It is essential, since patients’ lives are at stake. Therefore, we fulfill every request as speedily as possible, via our 24 x 7 customer service.

  • We keep up with the changing trends related to hiring of healthcare professionals.
  • We deliver on promises regarding recruitment and placement.
  • We keep adding to our database of healthcare professionals, regularly.
  • Every member on our list goes through a stringent screening procedure for verifying dependability, trustworthiness, honesty of credentials, etc.
  • Our customer support team is available 24 x 7 x 365.

We deal with temporary-to-permanent positions, longer-term contracts, daily staffing, direct-hire placements, and per diem staffing.

We can assist you in these ways –

  • Find suitable positions for you at well-known healthcare institutions. They respect, and trust us.
  • Obtain additional qualifications/certifications.
  • Clear important exams via in-depth training.
  • Help you display your experience and expertise to the rest of the world.

They are Sandeep Thapa, Raju Khotwad, Abdullah Al Qarni, and Khalid.

B - Executive Search
1How does Medic Talent build up its database of healthcare professionals?

Since we are not content with the ordinary, we look for the extraordinary. Therefore, we look for ‘special’ people, who can contribute much towards quality healthcare.

They have been educated only at top-notch medical colleges. Additionally, they have obtained legitimate licenses for medical practice from globally renowned medical boards.

We approach medical colleges and healthcare establishments across the globe. After in-depth perusal of credentials, we conduct face-to-face interviews. If found suitable, their names go into our database.

We also attend seminars, conferences, medical events, and healthcare summits. Subscribing to online forums and healthcare websites, also helps.

Our online presence is strong, enabling people to find us easily.

Finally, we welcome recommendations and testimonials from co-workers, patients, and healthcare institutions where they have worked earlier.

A Medical Board –

  • Awards licensures for medical practice.
  • Warns that healthcare practices should follow the benchmarks set by the Medical Practice Act.
  • Takes disciplinary action against violators of the Act.
  • Investigates medical complaints.

Yes, just provide us with your specifications, and we will do the needful.

We can provide chief executive officers (CEOs), chief administrative officers (CAOs), chief financial officers (CFOs), chief information officers (CIOs), chief medical officers (CMOs), and chief nursing officers (CNOs).

Consultants – They take up the roles of doctors, specialists, and mentors.

General Practitioners – They take charge of primary healthcare, patient education, home visits, community services, and referrals to specialists.

Residents – They learn by observing, and assisting senior doctors and medical teams.

Yes, we do.

Educated at well-reputed colleges, our Nursing Leaders have specialized knowledge, and grant priority to patient safety and quality care.

We realize that only skilled IT Professionals can handle the various gadgets and equipment that are essential to healthcare services. Therefore, we have leaders, who can lead technical teams proficiently and efficiently.

Yes, we do have a database of Non-technical Professionals. They include secretaries, front office workers, receptionists, patient service professionals, coordinators, managers, etc.

C - Healthcare Bulk Hiring
1Does Medic Talent assist healthcare establishments in bulk hiring?

Yes, we do, for we have a large database of healthcare professionals.

They are trustworthy. We enter their names on our list, only after making everyone go through a stringent screening process. Furthermore, we take accountability for our actions.

Yes, Specialist Nurses, with the perfect attitude and aptitude, and leadership qualities, form part of our Nursing database. You may request entire teams of well-qualified, uniquely trained, and highly skilled Specialist Nurses for your healthcare institution.

Yes, we have a database of nursing graduates/post-graduates in place. They have graduated from globally renowned educational institutions. We have stringent checking measures in place for hiring only trustworthy and skilled candidates.

Our database of Medical Technicians consists of people with excellent credentials from reputed institutions. Some may even possess additional certifications. All of them are well acquainted with laboratory procedures and standards.

If required, we can even provide Medical Technicians, who work in specialized arenas only, such as fertility clinic, radiology lab, etc.

D - Specialized Work Engagement
1What is meant by Specialized Work Engagement (SWE)?

The term refers to medical practitioners, who engage in extraordinary tasks. They are people with specialized knowledge and training, who can handle even the most complicated of medical cases with flair. Some deal with rare medical conditions.

Those who qualify for SWE, include locums, critical service doctors, visiting faculty, and telemedicine experts.

Telemedicine refers to doctor-patient consultations via electronic gadgets (audio and video). It is healing from a distance, without taking geographical location or on-site presence into consideration.

Medic Talent gives extreme importance to patient safety and confidentiality. Therefore, we peruse the credentials of every medical practitioner, very thoroughly. All our telemedicine experts have the requisite telemedicine practice certifications and accreditations in hand. They have been obtained legitimately from well-reputed institutions.

You will be able to reach out to patients residing in diverse geographical locations via face-to-face meetings on the Internet. If necessary, you may even refer patients to well-known specialists. Monitoring of every patient proves easier.

You may even use the electronic gadgets to connect with peers at online conferences, lectures, and seminars. This way, you may brush up on both, knowledge, and skills.

Patients, especially the bed-ridden ones, may initiate online consultations with medical practitioners across the globe. They may acquire clarifications regarding treatment regimens and surgeries (if any required).

If required, Telemedicine practitioners may send over qualified nurses to assist in caregiving, conducting tests, or setting up of supporting equipment.

They may gain valuable information about looking after patients under their care even better, by consulting with healthcare specialists, peer groups, etc.

They can resort to Telemedicine in cases of emergency, especially if there are no medical facilities close by.

Yes, we do help you hire these temporary or short-term contract medical practitioners.

We understand the gravity of staffing shortages, especially when many patients are awaiting diagnoses, treatments, or surgeries. With their excellent credentials and superior skills, locums can handle any, and every, task.

Natural disasters, large-scale epidemics, unwarranted emergencies – all strike without warning! We can send you talented consultants, who are capable of handling critical/specialized medical cases. They will assist your permanent staff for as long as necessary.

Members of a critical care team provide Custom Service. The doctor goes to the patient, instead of the other way round. A chartered flight, with a skilled consultant or surgeon on board, will arrive at the patient’s doorstep, because it is impossible to move him/her to hospital.

Yes, we have a team of plastic surgeons and cosmetologists in our database. They provide the requested services, with promises of confidentiality and safety.

Yes, we do.

You may avail them for –

  • Consultations with in-house staff
  • Scheduling visits in an advisory capacity
  • Handling patients with acute/chronic/rare conditions
  • Arranging surgeries and performing emergency/scheduled operations
  • Teaching medical students
  • Training medical staff
  • Participating in conferences/seminars, as eminent speakers
  • Going on home visits, as and when required.
E - Portfolio Management
1What is portfolio management?

At Medic Talent, we have a portfolio/reputation management team in place. This team ensures that healthcare executives (consultants, CEOs, COOs, and VPs) like you, can showcase your specialized knowledge, unique skillsets, and experience, to the rest of the world.

We make you ‘human brands’ that stand out in a crowd, via our innovative presentations.

You may opt for monthly/annual contracts. We charge anywhere between 1,000-3,000 USD for a contract.

Webpage – It will be aesthetically appealing. Excellent writers will take care of content that reflects upon your credentials, knowledge, and talents. Links on the webpage will reach social networking platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We also promise monthly updates.

Social Media – Skilled content writers will keep your presence alive on social networking websites, through interesting posts. Your role is to interact with your followers. We also engage in tagging.

Blogs & Articles- Every blog/article will highlight your passion for your chosen profession! We also create feeders, and links to social media platforms.

F - Consultation for JCI Accreditation & ISO Certification
1What are the criteria that Medic Talent has set for new joiners to their website?

We look for people with –

  • Authentic and excellent credentials
  • Leadership qualities
  • Unique skillsets
  • High sense of accountability and integrity.

We arrange separate programs for freshers in the medical arena, and experienced healthcare professionals. The program’s curriculum is in alignment with the concerned institutional needs. Furthermore, only internationally certified experts will conduct the programs.

We award internationally valid certificates to the participants at the end of each program. They serve as the licenses to work anywhere and everywhere.

Highly-qualified, excellently trained, and resourceful technical teams are available 24 x 7. You may reach out to them from any geographical location, for every kind of problem-solving.

Our mode of operations is the BOT (build-operate-transfer) model.

You may leave your yearly audits to us. We will ensure successful completion.

We also help in gaining three credentials – JCI, ISO, and localized accreditation.

JCI stands for Joint Commission International organization. Headquartered in the USA, it sets the benchmark for patient safety and quality of care.

With its help, your healthcare institution gains the license to provide eight types of medical care. They include primary healthcare centers, hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinical laboratories, academic medical center hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, medical transport organizations, and home care facilities.

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

The organization sets the benchmark for reliable and safe healthcare services, systems, and products. It also encourages healthcare institutions to provide quality and affordable healthcare services.

The local authorities grant you official permission to provide healthcare services in that area. In other words, they provide local licensures to individual medical practitioners and healthcare institutions.

G - Training & Documentation
1Do migrant medical practitioners require separate licensures for practicing in any country of choice?

Yes, every country has its own Ministry of Health. It sets the regulations for legal medical practice. It also conducts specific assessment tests before providing the requisite licensures.

Prometric refers to the name of a renowned organization, which conducts assessment tests for medical practitioners. It has branches all over the world.

No, there is no universal examination in place. Instead, every country’s Ministry of Health provides guidance regarding how it wants the assessment to take place. Therefore, Prometric assessment tests differ from country to country.

Yes, we will give you all the help you want.

We are tied up with BostonIICA, which handles all types of training programs. BostonIICA’s well-qualified and experienced coaches will help you clear the Prometric assessment test. and receiving the requisite certification.

No, there is an eligibility criterion in place. The criteria relate to submission of legitimate and relevant documents, clearing background screenings, etc.

Yes, we do.

We will ensure that you have all the relevant documents, fully attested, in hand. We will also help you in scanning and uploading them. Finally, we will keep track of the status of your application.

H - Medical Tourism in India
1What is medical tourism?

It refers to traveling from one’s native country to another country, for the purpose of receiving emergency/critical healthcare. Such treatments are unavailable in one’s own country.

India has been one of the pioneers of medical tourism. Therefore, it is the best place for patients needing critical care, or treatment for acute/chronic conditions. Treatment may be in the form of well-regulated medication regimens or surgeries.

The Indian Government grants all the support it can to foreigners visiting India for medical assistance.

Like all other healthcare systems in the world, India grants great importance to Allopathic methods of treatment.

However, for those who want it, alternative forms of treatment are available too. They include Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, etc. The idea is that Holistic Healing is the best way to cure all illnesses.

We will help you -

  • Arrange for short-term or long-term, and affordable, accommodation.
  • Avail of excellent travel and transportation facilities.
  • Get in touch with several hospitals that provide excellent healthcare facilities, and all at affordable costs.
  • Connect with highly-qualified medical practitioners, who are splendidly equipped to treat a variety of complicated, and even rare, medical conditions.

Indian drug manufacturers adhere to international standards set by USP-India (United States Pharmacopeia-India).